About Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are a very versatile and popular flower for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and much more. Roses have been a symbol of love and passion for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, which were each of these respective empire’s goddesses of love. Imagine being able to give the gift of real roses that last much longer than fresh cut roses. With preserved roses, you can! Preserved roses provide the traditional timeless and thoughtful gift of roses with a modern twist.

What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are real roses that are cut at their peak and preserved using a natural preservation liquid. Our proprietary preservation process at Jolie’s Touch does not alter the feel of fresh cut roses. The petals remain soft and supple, and the color is vibrant. Our preservation process is also environmentally friendly, biologically degradable, and harmless to children and pets. Preserved Roses from Jolie’s Touch are real, fresh-cut natural roses that are ethically sourced from mountainous regions in both Colombia and Ecuador and preserved for a long-lasting sustainable gift.

How Long Do Preserved Roses Last?

Our preserved roses can maintain their natural beauty, radiance, and feel for at least a year if placed away from sustained direct sunlight and a lot of movement. Storing preserved flowers in a sealed enclosure can keep them looking beautiful for up to three years. The preservation process re-hydrates the rose from its petals to its stem and replaces the sap within it. The preserved roses are flexible and look natural, with the benefit of lasting much longer than the one-to-two-week lifespan of traditional fresh cut roses or the couple months that dried roses typically last.

Preserved Roses vs Fresh Roses

Preserved roses do not need any water or sunlight like fresh roses. This allows for more creativity and longer lasting creative and unique gifts made from preserved roses, such as Jolie’s Touch Rose Bears and preserved rose gift boxes. Fresh-cut roses require you to fill the vase with water regularly to keep the roses looking fresh and healthy. Even with these efforts, the buds will wilt, and the petals are going to likely fall off fresh roses within days. Preserved roses do not need to live in a vase. There is no need to change the water or pick up dropped petals. However, one similarity with fresh roses is that preserved roses also make beautiful bouquets.

Preserved Roses vs Dried Roses

Drying roses is a much different process than preserving them. Roses are typically dried by hanging them upside down for several days to dehydrate the bloom and stem for a week or more. This process results in roses that are brittle, lack vibrant color and break easily. Dried flowers can last for several months if they are kept in a safe place but break and crumble easily if they are bumped or moved.

Caring for Preserved Roses

All you need to do to care for your preserved roses is to keep them as they are delivered to you and enjoy! Too much direct sunlight can cause the color to fade, so we suggest avoiding sustained direct sunlight. Keep your preserved roses sealed if they come to you as such, because this will ensure an even longer lifespan.

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